We were honored to have our State Representative and honorary member of this club, Bronna Kahle, with us today and updated us on a number of very important issues of late. Bronna said that “we are now living in very difficult times like no other time and we all need to look out for loved ones and ways to moved forward. She spoke about many subjects including the Microchip Protection Act, nursing homes, schools and their budgets, the current state restrictions.
Microchip Protection Act – Bronna said that there has been bipartisan support on this bill which prohibits employers from requiring their employees taking microchips as a condition of their employment. Bronna supports this legislation.
State Restrictions – Bronna said that this situation is real. It is not political. It’s about keeping people safe. The governor’s orders carry the weight of law and cannot be repealed or changed by the legislature. Three additional bills will be introduced - HB6030, 31 and 32 – Protections for schools and non-profits.
Nursing Homes – Legislation is being created, she said, to insure that people with the virus are not placed in nursing homes in Michigan since older adults are more vulnerable. 30% of COVID deaths in Michigan have been in nursing homes, she said.
Schools – She thanked all administrators and school boards who are working through some very difficult decisions. Legislation is coming out mandating kids returning to school wear face masks except K through 5 while in the classroom. Staff as well Order 142). Schools have been given an opportunity to develop flexible learning plans for the coming year, she said.
State Budget – By law, Bronna said, the state budget requires that it be balanced. COVID has taken an unprecedented toll on the state’s budget, Bronna said. This year’s budget ends on September 30th and there will be a $2.2B shortfall. There will be no cuts for schools in next year’s budget. In fact, more money will be allocated to schools. Money will be going to local governments as well.
Rumors – Bronna said that the recent rumor on the street that the Governor had de-funded police is completely false! The State Police is not losing one penny! The Federal relief money, she said, replaced the $440M loss they experienced to law enforcement!
Bronna closed by saying that the state is fortunate to have a “Rainy Day Fund” of about $1.5B which has been very helpful this year.
Should you wish to contact Bronna you may call her at 517-373-1706.
As always, Bronna, thank you for your leadership and so effectively representing those of us in District 57!