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DG Sue Goldsen Visits the Adrian Noon Rotary Club
Well, the meeting we’d all been waiting for – the official visit by our own District Governor, Sue Goldsen, went way too fast! And what a day it was. Governor Sue arrived early to meet with the board and then gave her quite emotional and heart-felt presentation to members at the regular meeting that followed. AG Mary did the honors so aptly of introducing Sue by telling the audience that her theme this year suits her perfectly – pursue your passions and lead with your heart – because that’s just what Sue does. Today, by the way, was the Goldsen’s wedding anniversary!
Sue began by saying that being here today was like “coming home”. This is the club where Rotary actually started for her and her hubby, Past District Governor (DG in 2008-09), Bruce, who was with her today. Sue said she is very humbled to serve as DG but excited to be able to serve alongside this year’s RI President, John Germ, from Tennessee.
She said that her Rotary story really includes all of us. The Goldsen’s moved here from the New York area in 1990. They met in college in Connecticut and moved here for business reasons and really didn’t know anyone. They lived in the Rolling Meadows subdivision and became friends with the Burgs. Bruce joined Rotary first and was sponsored by Rich McLaughlin, store manager of the JC Penny’s store in the mall at the time. But one of the closest Rotary friends initially, she said, was Bill Chase. She said he called them one day about a male student from Brazil (Adolfo) and asked if they would be interested in hosting him. They agreed and Sue said it was the best thing that ever happened to them and that their entire family “changed for the better”!!
Adolfo and their son, David, soon became best friends. Adolfo spent time and both Bruce and Sue’s house as well as at Bill’s during his high school years until he returned to his home in Brazil. He wasn’t there for long. He soon returned to attend and subsequently graduate from Eastern Michigan University while commuting from Adrian. He is now 41 years old, married with two beautiful children and live in Belleville.  They were married in the Goldsen’s backyard by Mark Murray.
“Had I not taken that phone call from Bill Chase, who knows what my life would be like today?” she said. Bill then called one more time with a favor and that was to attend the district conference in Chicago that year even though Sue was not yet a Rotarian! They ended up going. It was PDG Larry Wright’s conference. The district at the time had about 20 Exchange Students who attended the conference and Sue was impressed with the way they walked across the stage and represented so many countries around the world. She heard others talk about how excited they were about traveling overseas to serve others and Bill’s personal volunteer trips to Santarem, Brazil to do humanitarian work through RI. Everything she saw and heard inspired her while it “Rota-fied” her at the same time, she said! So, it was OUR fault, Sue said, that she became a Rotarian. It was about that same time that our club sought to sponsor a morning club and that’s when Sue officially joined this fine organization which accommodated her work schedule. She also became that club’s charter president!
Sue expressed her gratitude for the work our club has been doing. She challenged each of us to think about people we know who could also benefit from involvement in Rotary. They are people who are volunteering already at their church, school, even local library or someone we know who helps out at Art-A-Licious, she said. All we need to do is ask them, like-minded people, to join a tremendous club like ours to do the same thing! “They too are leaders like us who can exchange ideas and take action! They are already following their hearts and serving humanity.” There are so many opportunities to serve. They just simply need to be asked to join Rotary, Sue said.
She said that Youth Exchange as well as International Service happened to be her passion. She loves watching kids have opportunities they would not otherwise have without this kind of a program. She shared the story of her trip to Ghana with a team of 18-20 other Rotarians led by then DG Pete Dubin to help to rebuild a school there. Their son went with them. Prior to leaving, they were asked to be sure and bring their Polaroid camera with them. Sue said she’ll never forget taking pictures of the beautiful children and her amazement at seeing their reactions. She suddenly realized these children had NEVER seen pictures of themselves before.  They never ever knew what they looked like! It was truly gratifying for her, she said, to be able to gives these kids pictures of themselves.
So, she asked, “What is it that give you the Rotary Mo-Jo? What gets us excited about being a Rotarian?” She challenged us to answer these questions for ourselves. Perhaps it’s getting involved in our district since it wouldn’t exist without us. No act of kindness, for instance, goes unnoticed. That’s where the Random Acts of Kindness comes in, Sue said. She thanked AG Mary for spearheading the program at our club. Get in the habit of doing this and everyone will be better off as a result, she said. This program helps to promote Rotary. The district has a Facebook page devoted exclusively to this program, she said.
Sue mentioned the time she spent with our board before today’s meeting and how proud she was about all of the things we were doing, the positive energy we have and how we’re growing. “It really touched my heart. Thanks to each of you for all you’re doing in this community!”
Sue closed her presentation by announcing the special district events we will mention below.
(Let Yours Truly editorialize a moment if you would: I couldn’t be more fortunate than to be serving with Sue this year as president. She, Bruce and David ARE, indeed, family. She and Bruce have done and continue to do so much for Rotary. You WILL NOT find a more compassionate person that Sue Goldsen. Thanks for being there for me, this club and District 6400. You are a tremendous inspiration to us all!!)
Sandy Keener – Please keep her in your prayers. She is at Hospice and her family is requesting a limited number of visitors but you may write a card there and they will take it to Sandy.
Veteran’s Day – Mark Murray invited all veterans to stop by on Veterans Day for a free car wash compliments of EZ Car Wash at the Adrian Image Center complex! What an awesome gesture!
AC Rotaract Club Happenings – President Amanda shared some news about the conference several representatives attended this past weekend and said they all learned a lot. She said that they were busy getting ready for their mini-fundraiser and a team bonding activity.
TLC – Lori Easton announced their 3rd Reality Fair at Madison High School that will have a huge impact on students. They will need volunteers for the 7:30am – 9am shift on Friday, November 4. If you can help please call Lorie at 264-0431 or Patty at 517-260-0950. Thank you.
Adrian College Rotaract Club – Amanda their president was on hand today and told members that they had their big event this past Monday. The made pasta, salad with bread and butter and cookies for the local police department which went over very well. Amanda and other members are looking forward to attending a conference this weekend. 
Comstock River Walk ProjectMary once again encouraged members to do what they could to find buyers for our trees this year. We need to sell 55 as we have already sold 10. Forms are still available from Mary should you need some. We simply need to get people or organizations to purchase a tree for just $50 they will be free to decorate. The City of Adrian will erect the trees and put on the lights. Forms are available so be sure and get some and encourage people/organizations you know to purchase one or two or three even!! Let’s all get out there and continue to sell a ton of trees. The official lighting of the trees will take place on December 2nd. Our own Patty Clark has purchased 5 of them and asked members to identify anyone who is a 501C3 organization who might want a free tree to decorate to call her! She has 3 left to donate. Thanks, Patty.
Wreath Sales Nate announced that today is the absolute deadline to get orders in. The club is doing this jointly with the Morning Club. Nate said that we are at approximately 400+ orders thus far. They will be delivered the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and staged at Goodwill. If you can pick yours up that day, great. If not, the truck will be at LCS during the joint Kiwanis/Rotary luncheon on November 23rd.
Share the Warmth - WLEN is assisting again this year with the Keep Lenawee Warm program and encouraged those who have lightly warn winter coats to drop them off at Adrian Dry Cleaners, Bell Ford in Adrian or Knapp Motors in Blissfield which will then go to Associated Charities to be donated to those in need.
Membership Committee Everyone is invited! New members should arrive at 5pm and all others come at around 5:30pm for appetizers and libations left over from Art-A-Licious. Hope you can all come!! It will be at Kathy’s house in the 3248 Birch Run just south of MJR Theaters on North Main here in Adrian. Will be a fun time! Kathy will need a firm count at next Thursday’s meeting.
RYLA – We’ll be sponsoring 2 high school students to attend this important leadership event in Livonia next month. The Morning Club will also be sponsoring 2 as well. We will be looking for volunteers to drive them to and back from this event.
Youth Exchange REMEMBER - The Herr’s from the Morning Club are hosting the newest Exchange Student, Andrea (On-dray-ah) from Mexico who attends Madison HS. Please let Mary know if and when you might have time to include Andrea in any of your family plans. Thank you.
Thank a Vet Day – Kathy Williams announced this Veteran’s Day event sponsored again by WLEN from 6am-6pm that Friday. She encouraged members to take up collections at their own organization if they were so inclined to do so and give to WLEN towards their goal. All proceeds go to the Veteran’s Dire Need Fund to assist vets in Lenawee County.
Random Acts of Kindness – Whether you’re out and about or at work, do something kind for someone before next week's meeting! For more info, go to 
RYLA – Thanks to Lisa Wilkie and Kevin Keller, we’ll be sponsoring 2 high school students to attend this important leadership event in Livonia next month. The Morning Club will also be sponsoring 2 as well. We will be looking for volunteers to drive them to and back from this event.
District 6400 Newsletter - A great district newsletter available at: . All members should be receiving this automatically every month. If not, it might be a problem with the member’s information on DACdb. For assistance accessing your info, please contact Yours Truly.
Passport Program –Still looking for members who would like to visit another club within driving distance as part of the district’s Passport Program. A minimum of 4 members are required.
November 1New Member Orientation & Social - at Kathy William’s home in the Burch Run subdivision just south of the MJR Theaters on M52. EVERYONE is invited. New members will need to be there at 5pm while all others should be there by 5:30pm. Leftovers from Art-A-Licious need to be consumed. Should be a great time! Plan to attend!!
November 10 - Million Dollar Legacy Dinner - The Rotary Foundation will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year and District 6400 will celebrate in style with a Legacy Dinner on Thursday, November 10th, 2016 at the Inn at St. Johns in Plymouth, MI.
November 11 - Thus far 11 members have signed up to attend. The club will pay for all new members who’ll be attending. Sponsors who will be attending will need to pay the nominal $20 for their lunch.  It is scheduled for Friday, November 11th at 12 noon at the Fox Hills Country Club. We will need to take 2-3 cars which we will coordinate and let everyone know. We should leave Adrian at 10:15pm. Those attending include Greg and Marje Simay, Mike and Susan Tobey, Jim Potthast, Yours Truly, AG Mary Murray, Patty Clark, Nate Smith, Rhonda Gage and Kathye Herrera.
December 31New Year's Eve Gala Event 2016. - It will again be at Benincasa Hall at SHU. Members who solicited sponsors last year were given the names to call on again for another donation this year.

As far as our fundraising efforts - We’re asking all members to come up with at least one new prospective donor they can call on for a monetary donation. Did you just purchase a car from someone that you could call? How about insurance coverage? They are all great prospects.

All new printed materials are ready. Lisa Wilkie is mailing out 270 full color registration postcards with all of the details they will need to mail back in with their checks to reserve their spot. Full color sponsor sheets are ready for members approaching previous and new donors alike soliciting a contribution. Posters are also ready to pick up and place in windows of members' businesses to promote this event. WE NEED EVERYONE’S HELP CONTACTING EVERYONE THEY KNOW TO JOIN US THAT EVENING.







Upcoming Programs
November 3 – Keith Trost, Executive Director Goodwill
November 10 -
November 17 – Anna Mortimer – County National Bank
November 23 – Joint luncheon with Kiwanis (LCS)
Dec 1 - Joann Hartmeyer from new drug court
Dec 8 - Lenawee Community Chorus
Dec 15 - Sister Peg
GUESTS:  Junior Rotarians Jarod Pender and John Gamel; Amanda, president of Adrian College’s Rotaract Club; Evin Papuga from the SHU Rotaract.
FINE SESSION - Rodney Pender
Rod Pender did the honors and fined: Baldwin (2), Benz (2), Sack (2), Maxe (2), Dick, Douglass (3), Chadha, Herrera, Chase, Olsaver (2), Slater (2), Williams (2), Anzalone, Wagley, Smith, S. Tobey, M. Tobey, M. Simay, G. Simay, Mark M., Mary M.
Happy BucksS. Tobey, Mark M., M. Simay (2), P. Clark, Hokenson (5), Smith, Potthast, Slater (5), Williams.
50/50 Drawing
John B’s and, guess who………right – Bob Sack’s tickets were drawn but neither won today’s jackpot.

SONGS:  Nate with Helen at the electric keyboard thanks to Mark Murray!

TABLE HELPERS: Kathye & Helen