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Goodwill Industries - CEO Keith Trost
Nate Salazar introduced Keith Trost, CEO of Goodwill who has a degree from Rutgers University, spoke about the direction of the organization. Keith said that prior to joining Goodwill he was employed by the Sears organization for over 30 years and retired in 2014. He rejoined the workplace once he realized he didn’t really enjoy retirement.
Keith was hired as Goodwill’s CFO and later replaced Dan Buron as CEO when he left for the Traverse City area to head up another Goodwill. Keith said that there were challenges at Goodwill as in any organizations but was excited about their new retail facility that will be opened next spring and located on US223 behind Discount Tire.
Goodwill Industries, Keith said, works with severely handicapped individuals in Lenawee and Monroe counties. Goodwill continues to expand their community inclusion programs, Keith said, while helping their clients find jobs in the community.
He also spoke about the strides the company has made in terms of their recycling dollars saying that anything that goes into a landfill costs the company money while those items they can recycle make them money! The company has been able to reduce their costs from $125k down to $25!
Keith said that Goodwill has, over the years, pursued and been quite successful with their E-Commerce business which accounts for about 3.8% of Goodwill’s business nationwide. Keith said that he recently signed a contract to provide services in Washtenaw County! Thanks for enlightening us, Keith.
Art of Mingling - Was a very successful program today!! Thanks to Mark Murray for arranging and all who volunteered following our regular meeting: Nate Smith, Greg & Marje Simay, Barry Reinink, Mark & Mary Murray, Gerry Burg, Masahiro Kojima, Jane Clark, John Bartoszewicz.
Rotary Logo Shirt Sale – Samples of both men’s and ladies shirts/blouses in blue with the current Rotary logo on them are still available to try on. They will be $37@. Samples will be available again next week so you can select the type and your exact size. There is a regular as well as a V-neck style for the ladies.
Semi-annual Club Dues are Due – REMEMBER - Dues are due!! Checks can be dropped off at a regular meeting.
RI Foundation Giving Levels – Anyone who would like to know what the status of their giving is to contact Chair Mike Olsaver as he has all that information.
Random Acts of Kindness – Whether you’re out and about or at work go to and do something good for somebody! Susan Tobey shared her story and bought a beer for a vet the other day!
Bottle Cap ProgramAs a reminder, Mike Olsaver would be taking bottle caps only until February 15th. They will be recycle to provide plastic benches at Michener Elementary. Mike told the audience that it takes four 55 gallon drums of caps to make one bench. The total collected amounted to eight 55-gallon drums which will make TWO benches. Thanks everyone!
Upcoming Programs:
January 26 – Vocational Lunches (No meeting at the Country Club)
February 16 - Chris Miller on the Upstart Program
January 21 - AM Club Annual Celebrity Wait –Tickets - $60 per person – have been purchased by our club. Two of the 4 have been spoken for but there are 2 left.  Just let Yours Truly know if you are interested in going. Always a great time!
January 26 - Vocational Lunches – These are fast approaching! Sign-up sheet will be passed around again next week. The locations are: Siena Heights, Midwest Energy and WLEN Radio. This far, we have about 8-10 members signed up to go to each of the 3 locations.
January 26 & 27 – The Great Pasty Project – Habitat for Humanity’s signature project. They need volunteers. If you can help, please call the Habitat office directly. If you can’t help be sure and purchase one or two or more.
February 16 – District Grant Writing Seminar – Thanks again to Sue Lewis and Chip Moore we will have the minimum number required to attend. The seminar will be presented by PDG Mary Kehoe at Madison Middle School beginning at 6:30 and going to 8:30pm. Attending this seminar qualifies us for matching grants though District 6400.
February 18 – Walk 4 Warmth 2017 – REMEMBER - this upcoming event (March of the Penguins) will help people in need have heat in their homes this winter.
February 23 – Meet the Governor – The Southgate Rotary Club will be hosting this event so members can meet the incoming Governor, Rick Caron (2017-18). The 23rd is the same day as our regular meeting but if you would like to go, please let us know.
May 11 – 15 – District Conference – Are you signed up yet to attend? AG Mary provided details of the event. Time is running out especially if you want to take advantage of a “first time attended $100 subsidy” and matched by District 6400! Cleveland here we come!! And the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!
So, let’s hear from you. Signed up to go as of this writing are: Yours Truly, Nate Smith, Patty and Jane Clark, the Olsaver fam.
Upcoming Programs
January 26 – Vocational Lunches (No meeting at the Country Club)
February 16 - Chris Miller on the Upstart Program
GUESTS:  Junior Rotarian Michael introduced the 2 new replacements, Sarah Ford and Sidney Yatzek; Melissa Growden and students Chris, John and Bradley.
FINE SESSION - Brent Mercer
Brent’s turn again this month. He fined these deserving Rotarians: Chase (4), Marti, Reinink, Philp, Sack, Mark M., G. Simay and M. Simay.
Happy Bucks – Mark M., Herrera, Philp, and S. Tobey.
50/50 Drawing
Tickets drawn belonged to: Nelson Douglass and Lisa Wilkie but neither won today's $636 jackpot!

SONGS:  Mark 

TABLE HELPERS: Kathye & Rhonda