Dan Buron introduced Ann Knisel, Community Relations Coordinator for the LISD, who spoke to members about their Lenawee Cradle to Career – Pathways to Success program. This is a network of community leaders representing education, business, faith-based, nonprofit, philanthropic, and social sectors committed to providing every child in Lenawee County with a quality education.
Ann said that this long-term partnership sets a standard for collaboration around a shared set of goals, driven by data, and accountable through regular progress reports to the community. The members of this public-private partnership, she said, have committed to time, dollars, organizational assets, and thought leadership.
The program’s vision, Ann said, is that “Everyone, every step of the way, cradle to career”. Their mission: “To ensure that everyone has pathways to reach their potential, cradle to career.” The assessment tool, she said, that was chosen this year was the Brigance. She also noted that school attendance data continues to be collected and that surprisingly enough, it was found that K-3 have the bleakest attendance record. She also noted that there were 16,500 kids attending schools throughout Lenawee County currently.
The responsibility of their Leadership Team, she said, is to establish, embrace, and advocate for the vision, mission, and strategy of Lenawee Cradle to Career Student Success Networks while promoting collaborative continuous improvement among providers around agreed-upon student outcomes that are the focus of the partnership. They advocate for funding to follow what really gets results, she said.
The expected community outcomes are:
• Students identified as “ready” for Kindergarten
• Students proficient in reading by the end of third grade
• Students graduating from high school within four years, ready for success
• Students have 12 months after high school graduation to enroll in post-secondary studies leading to a valued credential
Ann closed by thanking us for supporting this great cause.