Posted by Charles Chase on Apr 05, 2019
Pi took to the podium first to tell us three projects the center is working on. One was the Empty Bowls Project which will benefit the Daily Bread. Pi displayed a number of bowls prior to our meeting and some members purchased them. All bowls were made at the Art Center, she said, and are dishwasher and microwave safe and were made without any lead.

Another one of their programs, Pi said, was called Side-By-Side which is a program that assists local Art teachers and their students who excel in this area. This program pairs high school art students who have been identified by their Art teachers as their number one student who would then come to the Art Center in the fall to work with one of their resident artists to work on and complete various projects while they are there. There were 7 students who participated this year and they hope to have ten participate next year, she said. All art was officially exhibited and it was juried and the one selected as THE best was awarded $250 donated by Meijer. The winner was honored as being designated the Number One Art Student in Lenawee County – who Pi brought with her today – Alisa Lopez from Britton High School.

Alisa, who will be attending Siena Heights this fall majoring in Art and Psychology, spoke to the audience about the experience. She said she was grateful to have been part of this program and especially to have been chosen as the #1 art student in Lenawee County and to have met so many other art students who were as passionate about art as she was. Laura VanCamp was her mentor for the past six months. Prior to entering the program, Alisa said that her artwork involved painting.

This experience allowed her to engage in sculpture which, she said, she really enjoyed. During the program she made three sculptures – a bird person, a totem, and a lion mermaid sitting in a bathtub! Alisa said she was particularly proud of her accomplishments since she had no prior training or experience in sculpture. Alisa said she would like to become an Art Therapist following graduation from SHU.

Pi returned to the podium to talk about the third project the Art Center was working on which was a program in conjunction with Hospice of Lenawee this coming fall that would memorialize those who have passed. Doors will be used on which art will be done by local artists commemorating what deceased members of our community will be remembered for which will be aptly titled – The Power of Passage – coined by Anne herself, Pi said.

Pi concluded her presentation by bringing members up-to-date about the facility the Adrian Center for the Arts occupies now. That building will soon be taken over by folks from PlaneWave. The Arts Center will be moving to two building behind it that have been renovated for their use. One will be their gallery and youth studio.