Kathye Herrera introduced our speaker, Allen Heldt, who she has known since he was a boy when she worked at the Christian Charities.

Allen recounted his life’s experiences growing up. He said that he was born in Toledo and that Kathye did, indeed, impact his life. He said that he’s been a business owner for the past 14 years and has been at the mall for 20 years. He is married to Tiffany who is a dental hygienist in Adrian. They have two sons, Lucas and Max. Allen serves on the Small Business Committee of the Lenawee UW.

His Mother, he said, pretty much raised him and his siblings herself. Growing up he lived in many homes and apartments including his aunt’s. When she developed Bells Palsy, Allen said, that it was a turning point in his life knowing that he had to step up and be more responsible and make a break from the life style the family had lived up to that time. His Mother passed about 13 years ago. He was able to get his grades up by taking evening classes and finally graduated from Madison high school. He attended JCC for 2 years in Applied Science and then transferred to Siena. On top of all that, Allen worked 55 hours a week!

Allen started out working at Enzo pizza at the Adrian Mall. He eventually negotiated to buy it from the owner eight years later, changed the name to Biggie’s Pizza and today is the new owner of both locations of Morning Fresh Bakeries.

(NOTE: Allen, as you know, is a candidate for the Adrian City Commission. He has attended every meeting for the past 4 years! He knows the issues and has some great suggestions for moving forward.)