Adrian Rotary Foundation Chair, Mark Murray and fellow ARF board member Brent Mercer shared with members facts about this local foundation. Mark went around the room asking these questions. The real answers are included.
1. What is the ARF and how is it different from the Rotary International Foundation (RIF)?
Answer: The dollars donated to the ARF (a 501C3 organization) stay in Adrian and are used by our club for programs/causes as determined by the ARF board of directors. Half of the monies donated to the RI Foundation go to RI and the other half come back to our district who then decide which clubs to give matching grants to.
2. How old is the ARF?
    Answer: 55 years old as of 2018 (Began in 1963)
3. When the club held a luncheon to celebrate the ARF’s 50th anniversary, how much money was raised at that event?
    Answer: $50,000
4. There are several levels (Fellows) of recognition within the ARF. Who is the highest level of recognition named after?
    Answer: Frank Dick. A Frank Dick Fellow are donors who contribute $5,000 or more to the ARF. Ken Roof Fellow - $2,500-$4,999; ARF Fellow - $1-$1,999.
5. Who are the members of the ARF?
    Answer: All Adrian Noon Club members.
6. What are the 3 main responsibilities of the ARF board of directors?
    Answer: (1) monitor the accounts where money is invested (2) administering the funds (3) grow the corpus
7. What percentage of funds from the ARF are given to the club each year?
    Answer: Five percent of the corpus is given each year to the Adrian Noon Rotary Club and the club's board of directors determines how it is to be used.
8. When is that 5% of the holdings allocated each year?
    Answer: The holdings (account balances) are calculated on December 31st of each year and 5% is distributed to the incoming president the following July 1.
9. How much money is in the ARF as of March 31, 2018?
    Answer: $436,574.14
10. How much money was in the ARF 15 years ago?
      Answer: $199,000
Additional ARF Information
The ARF monies are held in three separate accounts:
  • General Fund (equities/stock portfolio) at Old National Bank
  • Restricted Fund (Scholarship fund with Siena Heights University) at Old National Bank
  • Gleaner Annuity (pays 3-3.5%/Year) at Gleaner’s