Our own Mike Olsaver who is also the chair of the ASO Board introduced the conductor of the Adrian Symphony Orchestra, Bruce Kiesling, who reminded members he was at our club during the selection process as well as when he was hired to be its conductor! Bruce went over the schedule for the 2017-18 season. The following is taken from the ASO website:


Pines of Rome - The season opens with a tour de force program. After the smashing success of his "Rhapsody in Blue," Gershwin went “all out” with his Concerto in F, which quickly became one of the best known concertos of the 20th century. Jeffrey Biegel joins us to bring down the house with his performance.


Tchaikovsky - Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff: great pianist, great orchestrators, and great melodists. What better pair to combine for a smashing program.


Winter Wonderland - We swing into the holiday season with a combination of your favorite Christmas music—and give a good portion of it a little spike in the eggnog. Some favorites from last year return and, once again, we highlight some of Adrian and Lenawee County's brightest talents. From soloists to choirs and swing bands to orchestra, this family-friendly concert truly has something for everyone!


Movies, Music, Sports - “The thrill of victory....the agony of defeat.” This year's film-inspired concert celebrates the best in sports competition, both in the sports world and in the movie world.


Fauré Requiem - We celebrate the repentant Lenten season with a return performance to one of our favorite venues, the Holy Rosary Chapel at SHU. We are joined by choirs to celebrate the beautifully impressionistic Requiem by Fauré. Written to “comfort the living,” this hauntingly beautiful piece sets a variety of movements of the requiem mass with a very beautiful, and a very French touch.


Firebird - Celebrate spring with a variety of dance music! From ballet to the hoedown and the charleston, this concert combines some of the best dance music from the mid-20th century. Billy the Kid's legendary story is illustrated through a simple and homespun yet powerful retelling about one of America's first anti-heroes.


Country Roads - The music of the late John Denver is like an old friend, outlasting trends and standing the test of time. Join acclaimed performer Jim Curry for this tribute to one of the most beloved singer/songwriters ever to grace the stage whose popular music had the heartfelt message of caring for the earth and caring for each other.


Be sure and visit their site for dates and more info!