Carrie is the Director of Marketing for the Boys & Girls Club of Lenawee and accompanying her were active participants in the program representing three different age groups. She began by thanking our club for providing transportation the last several years to their summer programs. Transportation is expensive, Carrie said, and the contribution by our club is “the icing on the cake”. Her club, she said, has experienced a 40% increase in participation over the last year! The club is open from 3-8pm each day during the school year and from 9:30am – 5:30pm in the summer. Daily attendance is about 150-200 kids! Last year 650 different individuals attended their programs, this year that number is 800!
Carrie then asked the kids who were with her speak and they mentioned what they each like to do and how long they’d been a part of the program. Among the more fun things were the club’s game room, field trips, trips to Cedar Point, the Corner Park, Adrian College, Frosty Boy, movie theaters and a Chicken Relay! The club members enjoy eating different types of food at Pizza Parties and Fiestas where Mexican food is served. A recent theme at the club was “Disney in Space” involving Disney characters, Belle, Shrek, Fiona, etc.
Carrie announced that her organization was awarded the Gold Mac Award recognizing them for an excellent marketing program. She closed by announcing the organization’s annual gala event – their Blue Jean Ball slated for September 9, 2016 at SHU’s Field House. You can order tickets or become a sponsor by visiting: or by calling the club at 517-266-9775.