Today was the very last Club Assembly during President Rod's year as President of the club. What a fitting way to wrap up the year by sharing with members the results of the recent Membership Satisfaction Survey and recapping the projects this past Rotary Year. Instead of transcribing what was presented, we would like to direct you to our current club website home page at and click on the links shown to the left under "Site Pages". The survey results were quite positive.
The board will be taking a closer look at each of the entries and making adjustments/improvements accordingly throughout the coming Rotary year. Rod then covered the various projects that occurred this past year. A list of those, too, cam be accessed through the "Site Pages" link on our Internet Website.
President Rod also announced that the Board of Directors was proposing an increase in member dues as well as regular meeting meals. The dues will be increased from $100 every 6 months to $125. Meals will go from $10 to $11. Members who prepay are getting a great deal since their meals cost $7.19 every week by pre-paying the $187 every 6 months on their billing statement. The increases, which will take effect July 1, are necessary to cover the costs of free meals given to first time prospects, Junior Rotarians and speakers throughout the year.