Today was actually a Club Assembly in addition to Sinner of the Year and Perfect Participation Awards. Yours Truly kicked thing off by letting the audience know that the Public Relations Committee was working on the issue of identifying exactly who are club is and what do we do. Committee member, Jim Potthast, went on to explain further why this was necessary and asked those in attendance to take time to complete a very brief questionnaire that would help the PR Committee answer those questions and eventually develop a brief, consistent “elevator speech” all members could learn and respond to anyone asking them “So, what is the Adrian Noon Rotary Club and what do they do?”
Jim took us through a number of slides during his presentation and said the thrust of it would be to be able to tell others who are not familiar with Rotary what it is that we do in a short, concise sentence or two which would also be helpful when recruiting other members yet we say something different every other time!
“We have slogans and symbols everywhere! And, they change every year. But none of the capture who we are!” In his research on RI over the weekend, he said, he came upon two mottos. One read: He profits most who serves the best. He said that the exercise he was going to put us through should be fun. All ideas should fuel off another. We are in this together. It’s a total team effort, he said. The bottom line is: What is the message we want to deliver verbally, on social media, radio as well as print that communicates an emotional connection with others.
Take Harley for instance, they use words they live by in their communications like “ruggedness”, “adventuresome”, “strong”, “American”, and “rebel”. It’s the makings of an “elevator pitch”, Jim said. We’ll take everyone’s comments which will then be developed into a Marketing Plan. Prior to giving the audience a few minutes to complete the questionnaire, Jim concluded by saying that we are in need of additional people to serve on the PR Committee. Please let us know if you would like to serve.
Perfect Participation Awards
The following members were recognized today for their consecutive years of perfect participation in the Adrian Rotary Club.  If you are not on the list, please consider making it a goal for yourself.  The criteria is basically to do 50 things in the spirit of Rotary (including meetings) for the year.  Please let Allen know if you choose this as a goal and keep him posted regarding your activities. Congratulations to:
Luke Barnett- 1
Barry Reinink-1
Kevin Marti-2
Susan Tobey-2
Mike Tobey-2
Sue Lewis-3
Dane Nelson-3
Kathy Williams-3
Brent Mercer-8
Mary Murray-9
Gerry Burg-10
Kathye Herrera-10
Chuck Chase-14
Nate Smith-14
Rod Hokenson-15
Bob Sack-16
Patty Clark-17
Rhonda Gage-17
Allen Slater-17
Kevin Keller-22
Mark Murray-23
Sinner of the Year Award
The following members were fined these amounts last Rotary year in ascending order:
Sutherland ($1)
Ellerholz ($6)
Sack ($7)
Sherman ($7)
Behnke ($7)
Maxson ($8)
Kojima ($10)
Potthast ($11)
Gage ($12)
Slater ($12)
Kathryn S. ($13)
Easton ($13)
Salazar ($14)
Hokenson ($14)
Douglass ($15)
Burg ($15)
Lewis ($19)
S. Tobey ($20)
Williams ($20)
Barnett ($22)
Keller ($22)
Herrera ($25)
Pender ($26)
Smith ($56)
Chase ($66)