Chip introduced the gents who will be helping us with next year’s Bike Race next September. Here is what they shared with us:
September 16 & 17 – There will be a Bike Tour on Saturday and a Mountain Bike Event on Sunday. Ted Keating, a good friend of Chip’s, also spoke to the event by saying  that he was an athlete and has been thinking about something like this for about a year that we might combine with the annual Art-A-Licious event and keep money downtown.
This is a family event with a competitive event tagged on. It really isn’t a race but a “ride”, he said. There are, however, 2 components – an event which includes MIS – and a 25, 50, 75 and 100 mile ride. The 2nd day is for mountain bike enthusiasts at Heritage. Some 300 people are expected. Ads will be printed in popular bicycle magazines to promote the event.
He showed shirts that will be great fundraisers and create an income stream for the event that businesses can advertise on as event sponsors. They become calling cards for the next event. An event rider shirt will also be available that will make the club money.
 League of MI Bicyclists we are partnering with as well as IMBA Michigan Biker Association who will assist us during the event. To insure its success, we will be hiring a professional promoter, Brent Wak from Fund Promotions out of Grand Rapids who has personally organized these types of events for the past 29 years.
Brent spoke about how fun this will be and its ability to attract people to our community. There will be many stops along the path each day. Road venues will be set up as well, he said. We will be working hard to solicit sponsors and it’s an event we will be able to build on. Part of the event will be to educate bicyclists on new laws. Riders will be given IDs for quick registration. Those wishing to participate will can easily pay their entry fee with a credit card. A website will be developed to promote the event.
Chip said that he’ll be looking for members to serve on various committees as it will require many volunteers to be successful. He also announced that Adrian Insurance Agency will personally be underwriting the cost of the promoter for the first two years! Many thanks, Chip!