Today was first Thursday of the month and therefore Club Assembly! Yours Truly updated members on the Hedke Award Application and that our club would be submitting it by April 1 of this year for consideration. In the recent past the Trenton Club has been awarded this recognition within the district (48 clubs). The visioning meeting that took place close to one year ago provided many suggestions in 5 Avenues of Service. They became goals to consider by each of our six standing committees along with the goals suggested within the Hedke Document.
Here’s a little history: Richard C. Hedke was President of Rotary International in 1946. A Detroit Rotarian and President of that club between 1926-27, Hedke moved on to become Governor of what is now District 6400 in 1928-29. He was elected Director of Rotary International for the year 1930-31. Throughout his years in Rotary, his commitment to the Object of Rotary was nothing less than total. He brought to countless Rotary meetings an expanded view of Rotarian concepts and, by his example, led Rotary in every facet to new heights of achievement. 
After Hedke’s death in 1969, then-Governor Hugh Archer called for a study group to plan for a suitable memorial to keep alive the memory and vision of Dick Hedke. The group was composed of Governor Hugh, PDG Jack Maynard, Rotarians Joseph Hallissey and Tom Saunders. The study group devised what is now known as the Dick Hedke Award.