Posted on May 10, 2018
Our own Greg Adams spoke about the program which really had its inception, Greg said, when he was speaking with Mike Olsaver years ago and then with Mark and Mary Murray, Nathan Salazar and then Chip Moore about the idea of a race to heighten the awareness of mental health in this community. It was Kathryn S., he said who was his co-chair initially and with her help, the race is now a reality! Greg credited the late former Rotarian Sandy Keener for being on the board of Community Mental Health and who eventually approved the race.
The first race, Greg said attracted some 270 runners. This year there are already 600+ pre-registered!! He expects upwards of 700 which means that if every runner brings one additional person, some 1,400 people could be downtown on the 20th for the event!
The Daily Telegram, he said, ran a news story back in January that got the greatest comments and clicks on their web page. It was about the closing of ProMedica Herrick Hospital’s Mental Health Unit and the decision not to have one at the new hospital which was very upsetting to him. He shared these statistics:
  • One in every four people in this country are diagnosed with mental illness
  • A person with an issues makes, on average, 19 calls before being placed in a mental health unit
  • Since the closure of Herrick, well over 200 patients have been sent out of this county
  • Total number of beds in community hospitals in 2013 = 3,041; in 2017 that number dropped to 2,197
Greg said that ProMedica has admitted that due to the lack of psychiatrists in the area, they have decided not to provide mental health service at their new facility north of town when it is built. He questioned why a hospital the size of Hillsdale would have services but ProMedica’s new one would not which will be much larger. He said he also angry at not wanting to work with community groups to resolve this problem. Greg said he has attended a number of conferences with other mental health officials and has met with State Senator Zorn and State Rep Kahle about this issue. An open line registry, he said, while it does not solve the problem, will allow those in need to go on –line and see where beds might be available at neighboring hospitals. Toledo Hospital will be opening a few beds yet it still means having to travel to Toledo.