District Governor-Elect, Noel, introduced our special guest, Linda Davis, on our Zoom meeting to speak about an organization she has been part of for some time. Noel started by saying that his theme for the coming year is ROTARY OPENS OPPORTUNITIES. Along with that is the acronym HERO. Hero is the acronym for Human Engaging Rotary Opportunities. One of those opportunities, he said, is the Rainbow Connection. It was motivated by Maia Angelou’s “Rainbows”. Currently there are 15 such connections (i.e. Disease Treatment & Prevention, Drug & Opioid Addiction, etc.). With us today was Linda Davis, Families Against Narcotics,
Linda said that FAN began as a volunteer organization and grew into one with staff that she heads. Linda was a former judge. She said she noticed changes in her community some 14 years ago in terms of increased drug use when Heroine became a drug of choice back then among well-to-do families in particular who also got involved with prescription medication. It was about that same time that Linda found out that her daughter was addicted to Heroin who, six moths before, had undergone knee surgery and was prescribed Vicodin. Linda said she was really shocked that this happened to her daughter.
 She and her daughter looked for treatment sources that could help her with her problem. She was shocked to learn that no one was willing to help them in Michigan. Her next door neighbor was a police officer and that’s when she and others addressed the issue head on. Meetings were held along with about 100 other parents who were going through with various members of their family what Linda was going through with her daughter.  Out of that came a place where others with similar concerns could talk about it and get good, solid information. FAN, she said, was born that night in the basement of a church. There are now 27 chapters in the state providing hope to families across Michigan!