Here is the script of Bill's presentation: My name is Bill Morrison with the Plymouth Rotary Club and I am here today to share with you my observances of, and involvement in, entertainment involving the Adrian Rotary Club at District Conferences.  The Adrian Club events I will show today are all more than 30 years old, and it’s possible you more senior men may have participated in them.  I say men because Rotary hadn’t yet realized the value ladies could bring to the clubs.  I joined the Plymouth Rotary club in 1979 when Adrian and Plymouth had only one club each and we were in District 640 which didn’t become district 6400 until 12 years later.  Both the clubs had around 125 members and were among the more active and respected clubs in the district. My first District Conference was Governor Frank Sladen’s conference, held in Kalamazoo in 1980. It was so much fun that Barb and I attended 25 more.  In my short time in Rotary I had heard a lot about what a great club Adrian was and about your famous bi-annual variety show, which I never had the pleasure of attending.  I pictured Adrian, like Plymouth, as a very distinguished group of service oriented men and I was elated to find out that the conference was going to present one of the skits from your show that year.
This was my first real introduction to the Adrian Rotary Club.   It took me a few years and some intensive therapy to recover from the shock.
At least I was somewhat prepared for what was to come 4 years later when Governor Sandy Sandrock asked Bill Chase and I to co-chair the entertainment committee for his upcoming Conference at the Sofitel Hotel in Toledo Ohio.  Sandy knew I was a magician and he wanted me to produce a district talent review for the first half of the show and he wanted Bill to bring in the cast of the Adrian show which that year featured the Miss America Pageant.  Bill got busy collaring all the Adrian cast members, which was like pulling teeth, which Bill was certainly qualified to do.  Everything was falling into place when, about 2 weeks out from the show, I received a call from Bill saying Adrian wouldn’t be able to do their part of the show because two of the key players couldn’t make it. 
 I suggested that the parts couldn’t be all that hard and he should get some subs from the district to fill out the cast and I suggested he call Frank Sladen and Neil Ballheim.  Bill was somewhat appalled at asking such prestigious members and wasn’t sure what kind of response he would get.
I need to digress here.  Neal Ballheim was a Funeral Director and for those of you who never knew him, Frank Sladen, from the Grosse Pointe club, was a past district governor, a disabled veteran who lost a leg in WWII, a bookstore owner and the past headmaster of Grosse Point Liggett School.  He went on to serve as a director in both Rotary International and the RI Foundation.  He was A VERY distinguished and somewhat serious man who was loved and looked up to by all who knew him. When they both accepted it showed us how Rotarians can step up to the plate, no matter what the obstacles may be (or what it may do to their reputation.)
Having Frank and Neal on board was the icing on the cake since very few Rotarians in the district knew the Adrian members in the show, but they all knew Frank and NeiI. So, Neal became Miss Alaska and Frank became Miss Washington and the cast was complete.   As they were introduced and walked through the room Neal was kissing the heads of bald men and sitting on men’s laps, and most everyone recognized him.  Frank, on the other hand, stayed in character and most people didn’t have a clue who he was, which you will see from the reaction when the cast is introduced at the end of the program. Here is Master of Ceremonies Bill Chase to introduce the program.
I feel it is only fair, since I have made fun of your show to admit that many years later, at the Grand Hotel I entered Plymouth in a club talent contest.  I wasn’t sure we could win, so I lowered myself to your level.  Here are my magician’s assistants from the Plymouth club:  Tom Kennedy and Past District Governor Ed Schulz.  Because of them we won the contest.  No one remembers or cares what I did, but they all remember my beautiful assistants.
Bill and I remained good friends and 5 years later had a chance to work together again.  Governor Carl Riegal asked me to handle the Saturday Night entertainment for his conference at the Grand Traverse Resort.  I especially wanted to use Bill in the show because he was the incoming Governor.  I was able to put together a large show with various Rotary talent and the stellar MC was Paul Sincock from Plymouth, who you all know as our current district governor.  I do need to set this video up for you.  I had just finished sawing one of the Japanese Exchange students in half and was getting ready for the next trick when I was approached by Paul and past district governor Al Lapshan, who was the police chief of Allen Park.  Al told me of the new rule for magician’s assistants that required us to give equal time to men.  I needed a quick replacement and saw Bill in the front row.  The audience joined me in prodding Bill to help me.  I told him he wasn’t dressed properly and sent him behind a curtain where I had stashed several different outfits and told him to pick a costume and try it on.  That bit of fantasy sets you up for what follows. 
We had snuck Chuck and Linda in the day before and most of the Rotarians in attendance didn’t know Bill had a Twin Brother and those that did had no idea he was there.   I hope I have brought back a few repressed memories and opened the minds of everyone else. For my part, all I can say is THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES.