Fluency Friends Presentation
Kathy Sielsky, Reading Specialist at Michener Elementary presented a recap of a very successful year partnering with our club! She thanked all members who volunteered from our club and said that this past year exceeded her expectations. Kathy said that over 160 hours of extra reading practice was provided by Rotarian volunteers and that 72% of those students made their projected growth goal on the nwea assessment! The Noon Club purchased over 500 books – each student selected 5 books to keep and read over the summer. The remainder of the books were shared with summer school students and were added to  the “fluency friends library”. In each of the books was a label stating “Compliments of the Adrian Noon Rotary Club”.
Here are comments from various Rotary volunteers about their involvement in this important program this past year:
  • Coming each week and seeing the smiles on their faces.”
  • “I enjoyed working closely with the kids, getting to know them and watching their progress.”
  • “Being able to help develop reading interests and see those interests grow
  • “I have enjoyed getting to know the students and watch them grow as readers’.”
  • “Having a Fluency Friend was the best! Can I have one next year?
  • “I enjoyed reading with you.”
  • “It was so much fun reading with you.”
  • “I appreciate your help".
  • “It was so much fun reading with you.”
Michener Principal, Deb Risner, was in attendance and personally thanked Kathy for her involvement as well as all Rotary volunteers.
First Club Assembly of the New Year
Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday that Rod Pender took to the podium to reign in his new year as Prez! Now, I guess, it’s my turn! As we begin a new year I reminded members that anyone who is recruited as a member of the cub between July 1 and October 1 of this new year, they and their sponsor will travel to Plymouth on November 11 to be officially inducted by none other thank RI President John Germ! What an opportunity. Nate commented that so far we should have at least 6 new inductees!
AG Mary Murray announced DG Sue Goldsen’s Random Act of Kindness program which fits right in with her theme this year – Follow Your Hear. What a great way to show your Rotary compassion as we Serve Humanity!
Yours Truly thn reported on the particulars of the District’s new Passport program where members around the district are encouraged to visit other clubs and view firsthand what other clubs are doing and how they run their meetings. A schedule of club meetings was handed out and a sign-up sheet will be passed around next week for those who want to attend another club’s meeting.
Nate and Kathy will be launching the New Prospect Recruiting Brochure next week and Amy Pyle will be showing what months of work on our new website have produced geared to the next generation of Rotary Club members. You won’t want to miss this meeting.