Posted on Mar 24, 2018
President Nate introduced Bill Kenyon who, when he left Hospice as their Executive Director, is now operating his own leadership development consulting business. He is a certified John Maxwell trainer and personal leadership coach and mentor to individuals as well. Bill also offers workshops, seminars, and keynote speaking engagements.
Bill began by thanking our club for the support we have given to Hospice especially the Peace Pond and gazebo at their location. Bill then spoke specifically about goal-setting and mentioned the S.M.A.R.T. acronym by which we could measure whether or not our goals were “good” ones or not.
Bill, an avid runner as we all know, used this activity as an example of how people should set goals that satisfied yet another acronym- P.A.S.S. First, however, was to be sure and write in the “goal. In this case it was a “5k run”. The first letter – “P” – stands for PLAN which could include such things as Googling “Couch to 5k” in an effort to get a sedentary person in shape to run a 5-mile race. Shortly after reading this info, the next step might be to purchase some appropriate running shoes from a reputable shoe store. Now we have a PLAN!
Next, we need to ACT on that plan. As we all know, he said, the best strategic plans are developed only to lay on a shelf and gather dust. So we need to Act or implement our plan. This might include nothing more than a brisk 20 minute walk and continue for the next week or two. Three weeks later, according to the plan he came up with, he would walk for 20 minutes and then jog for 20 minutes. Two weeks later, more jogging, less walking and eventually all jogging.
The first “S” in PASS, Bill said, stands for “Stick To It”. Somewhere during this training time, it will rain and our tendency is to just “sit this one out” but that won’t happen because the person is determined not to let things like the weather interfere with his training.
The last “S” in PASS stands for “Success”. What does it look like? When this person crosses the finish line, his friends and family are there to give him a high-five and to congratulate him for crossing the finish line.
Bill went on to site a hypothetical situation with member Anne Sherman and her position at Hospice. Thanks=, Bill for training us on something we could all do a better job with – Goal Setting.