Posted by Chuck Chase
Carrie is the Development Director for Habitat and told members that what Habitat does is “all about neighborhood revitalization”. It’s helping people repair homes as well as build them so people have a place to live. Habitat, she said, partnered this year with the Adrian Morning Club and focused on the Parish Park neighborhood in particular. Habitat has campus chapters at both Adrian College and SHU working in construction, working at Habitat’s Restore, volunteering in their office, etc. The students really love helping out, Carrie said.
Carrie showed photos of a new home built for the Steffen family. Carrie said it was so nice to talk with the children to ask them what their hopes and dreams were and hearing their responses. One said she was very excited about having her own bedroom she could decorate herself. Another child was just happy about now having a place she could come home to. Their Mother was grateful that she could now give stability to her family.
Carrie said that Habitat was even partnering with RI, that they really have similar missions and that they were exploring grant monies that might be available. She showed pictures of the proposed housing plan at the former McKinley School property. She spoke about their Faith Build Program where local churches contribute to their cause. She said that in order to be successful, 15 churches must be involved. These could be small groups at these churches being involved.
Carrie announced that The Great Pasty Project will be January 24 and 25. She pointed out that it was our own Rod and Helen Hokenson that started this important program which usually makes about $20,000 a year, involves 300+ volunteers who make over 3,000 pasties! A new Breakfast pasty, she said, will be available this year.
Carrie closed by announcing Habitat’s 30th Anniversary Celebration scheduled for February 18th at Adrian College in the Tobias Room.