Melissa Parsons introduced Eric Kennedy, owner of Highwire Farms LLC in Adrian, wo spoke abut his new venture and operations in Adrian. He is originally from Indiana. Eric owns the new retail location on South Main Street (4-acre parcel) as well as the manufacturing facility on West Beecher near the intersection of Sand Creek Highway and Beecher Road. This, he said is a parcel of approximately 38 acres and is a marijuana grow facility of 15,000 square feet where he grows 6,000 plants. “We’re creating jobs there”, he added. The facility employs 80-100 people. That operation requires 5 separate licenses. Starting wages at each location are around $15/Hr.
He spoke about the chemical Turpene Profile, THC, cannabis, distillates and CBD. He spoke about the difficulties he had as a grower and seller with local banks. He spoke about the taxes he has to pay as a business owner in this industry. Eric said that he services customers from a rather wide radius especially from Ohio. At his retail location on South Main Street, Eric said he employs a store manager, 2 assistant managers and 10 other people. For more info, visit their website at