Posted by Chuck Chase on May 23, 2019
Dawn Harkey, owner of this business since 1986, gave members a number of great trips the next time they travel. She highly suggested that anyone who travels abroad should purchase health insurance since, unknown to many of us, our health provider cannot insure us when we need medical attention. Dawn said that she has experience with a company called TravelGuard should people be traveling overseas.
Dawn next suggested that when we travel, “we go with the flow” and to let their banks and credit card companies know when they are traveling abroad. She suggested that if we travel to European countries, be sure and take wash cloths since they are not provided in hotels there. Also, be sure and take a number of Zip Lock bags to pit dirty clothes in. To save money on bottled water when you travel. Dawn said to take an empty water bottle you can fill once you are over there and save money on otherwise expensive water.
Dawn also suggested you save the plastic bags newspapers typically come in so that in the event you have muddy shoes, you can simply place them in these bags. Be sure and have rain ponchos with you when you travel, she said, that you can purchase at Dollar Stores. Always take a photo on your phone of your passport, she said, and be sure and take with you your phone charger with adapters for outlets overseas.
Always keep your medications on you when you travel, she said. Money belts are good for this. Lastly, she suggested that if you are traveling with a partner to be sure and mix the cloths of each in bags in the event one’s bags get lost during the trip and this way they will both still have clothes to wear.
The top destinations around the world, Dawn said were: Iceland, Alaska, South American countries and that Mexico trips were the best value. She suggested that travelers avoid countries like Venezuela and the Middle East. The Holy City, Dawn said, was still a popular destination and would cost approximately $5,000 per person to travel there.