Cindy Kojima, Japanese Program Coordinator for the LISD, spoke to members about their middle school exchange program. She began with a bit of history about the program: 1993 – Adrian Sister City, Moryiama, sent a group of junior high school students to Adrian; 1995 – we sent or first delegation to Japan. To date, over 300 American and Japanese students and chaperones have participated in these exchanges. Cindy read brief summaries from the alumns of these trips:
“I am a very progressive and worldly person now thanks in no small part to my experience with this program."
“There were experiences that taught me to have confidence in myself that made an impact on how I handled  experiences in the future.”
“I have kept a seventeen year relationship with my exchange sister. We have visited each other several times since. The exchange created a very wonderful friendship and I am part of her daughter’s life.”
Cindy concluded by thanking members for our continued support. She then introduced the Case brothers, Jeff (2012 - in the center of the photo in orange) and Nick (2015) who each got up and spoke about their experiences when they went to Japan through the exchange program.