Chuck Davis missed his calling! He should be a stand-up comedian and a motivational speaker. He took time today to tell us about himself and here’s what we learned: He is 53 years old, born in Virginia and raised in Southfield, Michigan and, contrary to what most people think, he was not born in a taxi cab but a real hospital!
He played high school football as a running back and linebacker at Plymouth/Canton, graduated from Adrian College on a scholarship and has a degree in Business and Psychology. He worked at Merillat’s in Adrian for about 5 years and UPS to pay his way to school. Toward the end of college he worked at Herrick and Bixby Hospital as an in-house counselor. He currently has a Series 7 Broker’s license and was going to go to New York but “God had other plans”, he said. While at Herrick Hospital he met his first wife. They had 5 children – Zachary, Zane, Zariah, Zoey and a dog named Zeke!
“I have been blessed beyond words”, Chuck admitted, and that people have 160 reasons to trust him – which represents $165M in home sales since he began his real estate career. Yet, he wished that he had King Solomon’s wisdom go along with that which, he said, was another story! He now has six pets – 3 cavaliers and 3 cats. His passions and hobbies include bow hunting and even took his lunch breaks and go 15 feet up in a tree to hunt, he said. He hasn’t done that in a while because of his brain tumor.
Chuck said he also loves to teach Sunday school going all the way back to his days in Ogden. He said he accepted Jesus when he was just 8 years old. He is also a professional Karate instructor. He is skilled in the deadly Japanese Karate, he said. He is now in Tai Kwando and even took time to show audience members the art of Key Eye. That is, when someone attacks you, take your car keys and hit them in the eye!!!
Twenty years ago doctors found he had a brain tumor. He owned his own real estate company at the time employing 30 agents and he noticed that when he tried to play basketball, he noticed a flicker in his eye. After a successful eight and a half hour surgery, he woke up and said “Thank you, Jesus”. He said he is a firm believer in “God’s will be done” and he has a passion to this day to do God’s work. He concluded by saying that “Rotary is the essence and the vehicle to be all that I can be because of God’s leading me”!