As is customary the first meeting each month, a Club Assembly was held today and respective committee chairs were given approximately 20 minutes to discuss with their groups the suggestions offered at the Visioning session this past March in addition to the requirements of the Hedke Award specific to their committee. Following the brief session, each chair summarized what was discussed.

Nate Smith and Kathy Williams reported that as the Membership Committee focuses on expanding our club’s size, they felt it important that prospects have access to our social media sites. That means that our Facebook page and websites must be up and running. Patty Clark volunteered to take over and populate our Facebook page previously handled by former member Brittney Hoxsey who resigned from the club and moved out of town recently. Nate also commented on the Rotaract Club which is underway at Adrian College. It currently has some 50+ members and the papers are expected to be signed in the near future. Congrats to Nate for taking this important project on.

Bill Gross, Co-chair of the Public Relations Committee reported that his committee would be working closely with Membership to get the word out about Rotary. He has been working on a program whereby the official form to request funds from our club can be completed on line and automatically sent to members of the Appropriations Committee for consideration. Rob Young from the Daily Telegram will be meeting with him and other club representatives to discuss a proposal for promoting our club in the newspaper.

Kevin Keller reported on the Youth Services Committee and addressed R.Y.L.A. and scholarships. Mark Murray told members that plans for a Rotaract Club at Siena Heights is underway and that Barry Reinink has had discussions with them recently.

Mark Murray, chair of the Club/Community Service Committee reported on the success of the River Raisin Cleanup, the upcoming Christmas Tree & Wreath Sale, Salvation Army Bell Ringing event, and New Year’s Eve Gala and that all projects were on schedule.

Vera Alvarez and Patty Clark mentioned that the International Service Committee is discussing possible fund raising events to assist the club in expanding its international reach and suggested that members of the AC Rotaract, once in place, could assist with volunteer efforts.

Ban Buron, chair of Vocational Services was void of committee members but did say that projects were underway and that he would have much more to report in the near future.

Thanks to each chair and everyone in attendance today who contributed to this worthwhile discussion!