Steve started out and spoke about the new Women & Children’s Shelter that was once Herrick Manor on Tecumseh and about all of the hurdles the organization had to go through to pave the way for it to become a reality. The process began in August of last year, Steve said. Neighbors of Hope (NOH) has been around for 13 years and Steve said he has been part of it for the past 12.
The deal, he said, is scheduled to close soon and then the renovations will begin. It should be fully operational, Steve said, by September/October of this year. Among the anticipated improvements will be work to the existing kitchen, an expansion of the the pantry and separating the utilities that are connected to the hospital building. Steve said that there are currently 4 paid staff people at NOH and that 80% of all donations go to operations. When the new facility opens, he said, five to seven more staff will be hired. Volunteers, however, are the life blood of the organization.
Kathy then spoke next about the fundraiser scheduled for next week Friday the 13th in front of County National Bank through the following Saturday. She further elaborated on the purpose of the new shelter saying that it will offer homeless women and children in Lenawee the chance to stay together and get off the street. It will be a transitional housing facility. There is currently no permanent facility in our community for homeless women and children who are not victims of domestic violence.   
Tim then thanked everyone who helped recently with their garden last month. He also spoke about our support of their 3rd Day Farm Project and mentioned that the shed the club bought for them that was erected on the Bethany property originally was too large to move and required them erecting a new but smaller Amish one on the current Methodist Church property on West Maple. They are selling produce now at the Tecumseh Farmer’s Market. Tim said that the City of Tecumseh has asked NOH to take over their community garden next year which he said will be a challenge but also an amazing opportunity.
Steve concluded by mentioning that their property on Broad Street was put up for sale by the landlord. Steve said he wasn’t worried about being asked to leave since he doesn’t think it will sell.