Posted on Oct 27, 2017

Kathy Williams, a board member of Neighbors of Hope (formerly the Lenawee County Mission), introduced Pastor Steve Palmer who updated us on their new effort for a homeless shelter to house women and children. ProMedica, she announced, was turning over to them their Herrick Manor Nursing Home facility in Tecumseh.


Steve took the podium to tell audience members that planning for a facility began some 18 months ago. The Tecumseh Planning Commission is dealing with its “use” so it is compatible with “transitional housing” in that area that also offers counseling and housing for clients.


This facility, Steve said, was a hybrid. Steve said he was confident that they would be approved in two weeks by the Tecumseh City Council since they are concerned that once ProMedica vacates their current facilities to build a new one on M52, they won’t have to worry about what they do with vacant buildings. It’s a win-win situation. Neighbors of Hope will then submit their site plan to the Planning Commission.


There are approximately 300 homeless women and children in Lenawee County, he said and the new facility will hold 38. The organization has been working with homeless males for the past 12 years so this will be a new endeavor for us, he said. The Good Neighbor Campaign was launched last May to assist with the costs of a facility. To date, 92% of their goal has been reached and they hope to achieve their goal by Thanksgiving.


Steve said he envisions clients who come to the shelter to stay no more than 6 months after which time their needs will be assessed during that period and determine if it is a relationship or educational issue, financial or otherwise. The goal is to get each of them to a position of self-reliance, Steve said.