Posted by Charles Chase on Mar 01, 2019
Patrick has helped business leaders and organizations across the country tell their stories. He is the founder and former head of a national marketing firm while having worked with Monster Energy, PBS, Capitol Records, AT&T and a full roster of top artists and other brands.
Today, he is a nationally-recognized speaker and marketing influencer as well as the author of numerous articles and three books including “What Customers Love: 10 Ways to Turn Your Customers into Fans and Followers” available on March 30th.
Patrick’s presentation focused on engaging with others in a world that has its challenges caused by increased competition, unlimited choices and short attention spans while asking: How do you stand out? How do you tell your story? How do you earn the attention your cause deserves?
Patrick, through a series of stories and personal experiences described how to stand out and reach our audiences in a noisy world primarily through the power of stories and personal relationships. His advice to us was: Be Personal, Be Authentic, Help First, and Do it Now.