Posted by Chuck Chase on Jul 13, 2017
President Nate kicked off his second meeting of the new Rotary year by sharing with members what the new RI and District 6400 themes are and how they tie into everything he envisions we will be doing in our club thus coming year.
Nate spoke first about possible new members that will be joining and achieving our goal this year. The new RI president is Ian Riseley from Australia and his theme for the year is: ROTARY MAIKING A DIFFERENCE. RI’s causes, Nate said, include promoting peace, fighting disease (namely polio with Polio Awareness Day on October 24th), developing clean water/hygiene/sanitation (the River Raising Cleanup meets such needs), saving mothers and children (possible Neighbors of Hope collaboration), supporting education (we participate in Fluency Friends), growing local economies, and increasing membership and diversity. Among Ian’s other charges to all clubs this year is the planting of one tree for every Rotarian around the world (1.2 million)!  
Membership increase and retention will be a huge undertaking for our club this year, Nate said. He encouraged each of us to look around and identify what professions/trades are not represented and contact people to join this great club. We started the 2016-17 year with 56 full time members, we recruited 10 more, but ended the year at around 53. Nate is planning to host a New Member Day sometime in August so he would like us to be thinking about a new prospect we can invite. “Every Thursday, however, should be a new member day”, Nate said! John B. and Rod Pender have agreed to chair the club’s Membership Committee.
Nate then gave members copies of this year’s Presidential Citation criteria and said that accomplishing them should not be a big deal since we have a good start on most of them already. Of all the areas listed, Nate said, we need to accomplish only 4 in each category. Nate said we really need to track the hours members put in by going to and record them. Members who have not yet visited that site can go there and easily set up their own profiles and begin to record the time they spend doing the work of Rotary. All of this information, of course, goes up to RI in Evanston, IL so they can track what Rotarians are doing all around the world.
Nate announced that Rick Caron is our new District Governor. He is from Windsor and a really fun guy with a lot of energy. He will be paying a visit to our club on Thursday, November 2. The Board will meet with him in the morning that day and he will attend our meeting to make his formal presentation. His theme is: BOLDLY GO.
The new Passport Program, Nate said, was a bit different than last year’s in that of the 4 visits required this year will not require us to go to Canada but two of them need to be joint projects with another club and the other two would simply be visits to two other clubs involving four members. Chip Moore graciously accepted to chair the Passport Program this year and said that anyone wishing to go with him to visit another club in the area to promote our Lenawee Bike Tour should contact him.
Nate announced that Barry Reinink has agreed to chair the Youth Services committee and has been busy establishing a new Rotaract Club at Siena Heights. We will continue our involvement in the district’s RYLA event, Nate said. Assisting with the issue of opioid addiction will also be a focus of ours this coming year. We have applied for a joint district grant with the Morning Club and hope once it’s approved we will have $6,000 to help fund work planned for the Interconnections facility on West Maumee Street, Nate said.
Nate called on Mike Olsaver, chair of the RI Foundation who reported on the successful drive we had last year raising about $3,000 more than our goal of $5,600. Automatic deduction is available.
Nate concluded his presentation by reminding members of the huge project we have planned this fall – September 16 & 17 - the Lenawee Bike Tour and emphasized that we need everyone to participate. Chairman Chip reported that so far some $18,000 has been raised for the event!! The next meeting of the committee will be next week, Tuesday July 18th at Chip’s house at 6:30pm.
Great start to an already great year, Mr. President!!