Members from ProMedica’s administrative staff presented today’s program. First up was Katie Young who is the Executive Director of the ProMedica Bixby, Herrick and Hickman Hospital Foundation and a member of the Y board of directors (and also a Kiwanian!). Katie acknowledged Dave Hickman who attended the meeting and who is the general chair of the ProMedica Charles & Virginia Hickman Capital Campaign. The hospital will be named after Dave’s parents. Also attending from ProMedica’s offices in Toledo was Christi Ansburg, VP of Philanthropy. Katie then called on Ronda Winans, Associate VP of Operations for ProMedica Bixby/Herrick/Hickman Hospital who took us through a slide program.
Ronda told the audience that a site plan for the new hospital has been prepared and work has begun at the new location and adding: “Things will start to go vertical at the site by October with the steel structure being constructed”. Ronda presented an aerial view of the campus and pointed to where the entrance will be in addition to the ER. The main lobby, by the way will be named the Frank & Shirley Dick Lobby! The original cart path will be maintained and provide a walking path for visitors.  The hospital, Ronda said, would be over 200,000 square feet, consist of 58 acute care beds, 40 med-surgery beds, 8 labor and delivery rooms and have two helipads.
She then explained what would be on each of the three levels: 1st floor - ambulatory services, Radiology Department, women’s health area, diagnostics, outpatient services, mammography and the ER; 2nd level - the administrative offices, med-surgery units, pre and post-op surgery, pharmacy, and various nurses’ stations. And, finally, on the 3rd level will be the second of the 2 med-surgery wards, 10 CCU units, and the 8 labor units. The original clubhouse on the golf course will remain on the grounds and serve as office for the various contractors working at the site.
Katie then returned to the podium to provide details of the new YMCA of Lenawee ProMedica Wellness Center. “This is a unique collaboration and the first of its kind in the ProMedica system” and that ProMedica was excited to be partnering in this way, she said, and added that a study conducted by an outside consulting firm hired by the Y showed that the potential for membership growth was four times what it is now due to the new facility at this location. Katie pointed out that there was considerable green space around the facility and would lend itself to possible playground space, baseball diamond, etc. that could be used by others in the community. The Y Wellness Center, she said, would house 2 pools, a gymnasium, kids’ space, fitness/workout rooms and locker rooms.
Katie then spoke about the ProMedica Farms, Hoop House (only the second one in the entire country!) on the campus. This one was funded, she said, by the Eisenhower Center out of Ann Arbor. The Hoop House is a medical-clinical facility which is handicap-accessible and offers numerous rehab opportunities throughout. The Hoop House, Katie said, would feed into ProMedica’s Veggie Mobile. She concluded her presentation by announcing the goal for the Y campaign which is $18M. The combined cost of the hospital and Y project is $145M of which ProMedica is contributing $125M. Of the $18M goal, she said, $12.2M has been raised. She said that she was aware that our club had supported the current YMCA in the past and that the new facility would “be a great opportunity for our club or any individual to partner in this project”.