President Rod introduced Lisa Wilke who introduced the two students who attended the 2-day Rotary Youth Leadership Award. Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) is an intensive program for young people in both physical and intellectual terms. It is open to boys and girls within the age range 15 to 19 years of age. Youth enjoy participating in a team, social activities and learning the essential skills they need to survive as a leader.
Speaking about their experiences while attending this event at Schoolcraft College were Cayla Coyne (next to President Rod) and Jocelyn Berry. They both said that they met many people their age (over 200 in attendance), heard guest speakers, and engaged in many group activities. They said that they both learned about their individual strengths and weaknesses, and plan to apply what they learned to their extracurricular activities in particular.  

We who are Rotarians recognize that today's young people will become tomorrow's leaders and wealth generators. Preparing those future leaders is a significant task. A task supported and encouraged both by Rotary International and Rotary District 6400.
We also agree that young people need guidance as they navigate their way through a culture that promotes values that are not always positive or productive. Rotary, through programs like R.Y.L.A., can assist young people in making decisions that will have a powerful influence on their personal development. For young people to choose the best path towards constructive citizenship requires encouraging them in activities that build their confidence and self-esteem. This will provide them with the vision to identify how best to apply their own potential for leadership and ability to work as part of a team. This course is great fun, very energetic and immensely challenging.