President Rod introduced our own Mike Olsaver who shared with members what he does for a living. He is an attorney with the RCO Law firm. He was born and raised in Adrian and is married to Tiffany and they have one child, a daughter, Rosemary. Mike attended MSU and received his Law Degree from DePaul University.
Mike is currently chair of our RI Foundation. As the charitable arm of Rotary, we tap into a global network of Rotarians who invest their time, money, and expertise into our priorities, such as eradicating polio and promoting peace. Foundation grants empower Rotarians to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impact. The club’s annual goal, Mike said, is $100 per member and therefore $6800 overall. The club is expected to achieve this goal if they want to qualify for grants at the district level.
RCO Law, Mike said, has 5 offices and employs 35 attorneys and specializing in Wealth Preservation, Business, Healthcare, Labor & Employment and Litigation. Mike’s practice is focused on estate planning, elder law, probate and trust administration and business law.  Mike serves individual clients and small business owners by developing plans for their future.
Mike went into detail on Medicaid Benefits and particularly what the qualifications are, the levels of care provided, income eligibility for single as well as married couples, asset eligibility, etc. He concluded by encouraging audience members to be proactive in planning for their futures.