Well, the results are in! Here is the info we compiled as a results of the responses to the 3 questions we asked:
Here were the number of times the following words showed up in our responses:
  • Service/Serve (27)
  • Community (22)
  • Rotary (10)
  • Club (9)
  • Opportunity (9)
  • Helping (8)
  • Adrian (5)
  • Organization (4)
Equal weight (scored 3)
  • Support
  • Fellowship
  • Involved
  • Professionals
Additional Noteworthy Words Used include:
  • Better
  • Compassionate
  • Devotes/Dedicated
  • Improve
  • Impact
  • Caring
  • Fun
Next steps include:
  • Key word analysis (Done)
  • Answers/phrases analysis and review (By PR Committee)
  • Brainstorm (By PR Committee)
    • Strategy developed
    • Draft of “elevator speech” developed
    • Formal Plan development
  • Present plan to members (By PR Committee)
  • Feedback from members (ALL)
Mark suggested that when we ask reach out and ask non-Rotarians to help us on different projects, that would be quite significant to possibly increasing our membership.
Jim closed by saying that all research on this subject reveals that story telling is the most impactful way of getting our message out to others.