Posted by Charles Chase on Aug 31, 2019
Our own Luke Barnett update members about the unique and very impactful Rotary Woodworking Warriors program sponsored by our club in conjunction with the Sam Beauford Woodworking Institute. Luke showed members a video he had produced and edited himself showing various vets who have benefited from the program.
A tri-fold brochure was developed by the club with important information about the program: The Rotary Woodworking Warriors program is an effort to provide veterans with opportunities for personal and professional growth. It is also a program that provides year-round support and technical education for veterans. The goals of the program include peer mentorship, PTSD support, vocational rehabilitation, comraderie, peer support, transitional support, and education. The program is in partnership with the Sam Beauford Woodworking Institute (SBWI) of Adrian, Michigan.
They will benefit emotionally and socially by gaining a sense of competence, confidence, responsibility, respect for self and others, and respect for materials and safety. Physical benefits include eye-hand coordination, strength, and fine motor control. Studies in neuro-imaging have recently shown that there are strong connections between the cognitive thought and motor control areas in the brain, Veterans will also learn cognitive skills like mathematical thinking (size, shape, and measurements), engineering skills, creativity and inventiveness. Aesthetically, students will experience the smell and feel of wood, the dusty friction of sanding something smooth, and the contrast of warm wood and cold metal. This combination of cognitive and hands-on education will be extremely beneficial to participants of the program.
The Woodworking Warrior’s Mission Statement: “Promoting positive outcomes for veterans through peer mentorship and technical education.” Be sure and visit their official website at:
Luke received special recognition when District Governor made his official visit on August 15. Thanks, Luke for your vision, insight and work on this important program!