Yours Truly introduced our very own Max Sielsky who I had the privilege of bringing into our club over 20 years ago. Max began his presentation by saying that he has been a Traditional Homeopath for the past 12 years. He attended school in Calgary, Canada for the past 3 years to earn degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Chinese medicine is based on herbs, acupuncture, and pulse diagnosis, Max said.
TCM has been practiced for close to 3,000 years. Energy (Chinese term – qi) is part of every living thing and Chinese Medicine is all about excessive or deficient levels of energy in one’s body, Max said. He said he can tell a lot about a person’s health through face maps, lip maps and even by the condition of their tongue. Since Chinese medicine, Max said, is really about energy, it comes down to excess vs deficiency, hot vs cold – all different ways to read a person’s body.
There are 12 basic “meridians” in the body and about 360 different points associated with them. A meridian is a path through which the life-energy (qi) flows. The different meridians follow a specific path: from chest to hand, hand to head, head to foot, and foot to chest. Knowing this, Max said to correct a bladder issue for example, he could “needle” (.13mm) the area (section of a meridian) at specific points that are causing the problem.
Health issues, then, are the result of either an energy deficiency or blood deficiency, Max said. Issues with a person’s organs reveal corresponding health problems and the specific emotions they are experiencing. As a Traditional Homeopath, Max’s goal with each of his patients is to help reach a balance between their emotional, spiritual, and physical health.
Really interesting and informative, Max. Thanks very much for enlightening us!