Posted on May 03, 2018
Lad Strayer, Adrian City Commissioner but best known for his unique photographs for the Daily Telegram over the years and his business partner Vickie Schmucker showed a number of photographs they have taken for businesses in the area. Lad said that they have been working together for 10 years. He told the audience that while they still do weddings and high school graduation pictures they are unlike other typical photographers in that their clients are other businesses whose success is based on developing relationships where they have to "get to know their assignments very well". One of their clients, he said, was Lily Ann Cabinets who took over the facilities on East Beecher once occupied by Merillat Industries. Lad mentioned that it was this relationship that started encouraged him and Vickie to add professional videotaping to the services they offer as a business. Other clients, he said, include Wacker Chemical in Adrian and Uckele in Blissfield. Their business, he said, has grown ever since!