Posted on Aug 26, 2021
Centennial Celebration – REMEMBER: Thursday evening, September 30th at the Hills of Lenawee! Please be sure and tell us if you’re coming and your meal selection for you and your guest/spouse if applicable. Starts at 5:30pm with a social gathering followed by dinner and program. THERE WILL BE NO REGULAR MEETING THAT DAY AT THE CENTER. The social event from 5:30-6:30pm has been totally underwritten by the Adrian Insurance Agency!!
Welcome Back Students – Thanks to those members and especially to Mark & Mary for arranging the event who braved the heat to participate in welcoming back students attending Adrian College and Siena Heights University in Downtown Adrian on Friday the 27th. They were Yours Truly, Mark & Mary, Carrie Dillon, Barry Reinink, Sue Lewis, Cindy Sutherland, and Kathy Williams! Thanks also to Brent Mercer for allowing us to set things up under his offices’ canopy!
Lenawee Bike Tour – We have raised over $22,000!!!! A sheet was passed around yesterday to recruit volunteers and to get their shirt sizes. It will be passed around again next week. Proceeds will go to Polio Plus, Rotary Woodworking Warriors and to the club. If you have not already, you are urged to make a donation to this effort or go on-line to register for the event at Chip and Chuck taped a promo announcement with WLEN this week that will air on September 2nd at 6:15pm.
Cleanup Project at Trestle Park - September 25th from 9am-noon at Trestle Park and Downtown Adrian. Sign-up sheet to be passed around.
Centennial Booklet – AGAIN: Thanks to the following people who contributed toward the cost of underwriting the 30-page full color booklet replete with extensive Rotary information, photos of former members dating back to the 50’s, and pics of some past Rotary Shows. In alphabetical order they are: Gerry & Pam Burg, PDG Bill Chase, Chuck & Linda Chase, Chuck & Jennifer Davis, Frank & Shirley Dick, Carrie Dillon, Greg & Debbie DuMars, Rhonda & Bob Gage, Kathye & Doug Herrera, State Representative Bronna Kahle, Floyd Rodgers, Allen & Kristi Slater, Nate & Kathy Smith, and Kathryn Szewczuk!
Adrian City Band Concert – Greg gave an update at today’s meeting and said that Thanks to Chip and the idea he had to purchase water to sell during the Thursday evenings of Music in the Park concerts at the Farmer’s Market, we raised close to $1,000!
Weekly Program Commitments – REMEMBER: All members need to think about who they would be able to contact for a presentation at one of our weekly meetings. We are all expected to come up with one and let Gerry know. The month of August has been filled so be prepared to come up with one for September and October.
September 2 - Community Conversation WLEN at 6:15pm 
September 18 – 5th Annual Lenawee Bike Tour
September 25 - Clean-up Project at Trestle Park
September 30 - Centennial Gala Dinner
Guests: None
Lenawee Bike Tour 
District 6400
Rotary International
Rotary Woodworking